Tuesday, December 14, 2010

When the weather out side is frightful...

Today the high temperature along the front range in Colorado is predicted to be 64 degrees. I know. It's heavenly. Many other areas of the US are in the deep freeze. One of my daughters was somewhat complaining to me the other day because she went on a Caribbean Cruise last week and came home to a 9 degree blizzard on Saturday. I'd feel sorry for her if it wasn't for the "Caribbean" part of that story. Today I checked the temperatures where my daughters (daughters and daughters-in-law) live and came up with the following...

Omaha, NE - 24 degrees
Rexburg, ID - 34 degrees
St. Louis, MO - 22 degrees
Spring Hill, TN - 26 degrees
Washington DC - 28 degrees

(Please explain to me why my children don't live closer to home...)

Anyway, when the weather outside is frightful there is nothing better than being bundled up in a warm scarf with toasty socks on your feet. Today I took pity on those poor freezing girls of mine and made each one a little treat. I whipped up one of my Easy Peasy Scarves (go here for the tutorial) and combined each scarf with a pair of knee-high socks from Target. I love the knee-high socks at Target. They are only $2 each, and last winter, when it was freezing here, I wore them every. single. day. I'm wearing flip flops this winter.

Isn't this a cute idea for a friend or loved one for Christmas? I love the combo of the scarf and socks. So cozy!

I took the socks and rolled them right up with the scarf and secured a little tag with ribbon...

These will go in the mail today. 
There's nothing like being wrapped in love...

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