Monday, October 05, 2020

My First Maple Leaf Quilt...

Since we now live in maple country I thought it would be a crying shame if I didn't make a maple leaf quilt, and this seemed like the perfect year to do it. Heaven knows, I had the time... 

I love how this quilt mimics the random ways leaves fall from trees and scatter on the ground -- every which way. It's chaotic and beautiful! 

This particular maple leaf pattern was so simple and a great way for me to be introduced to following an actual quilt pattern. I love the different cream colored fabrics for the background instead of just one. Like most patch-work quilts, it makes me feel like the quilt has been well loved even before it's finished! 

Once again I used sashing on this quilt, but it is the same cream color as the background, so it just adds a little space between the blocks without framing them. I also used a horizontal longarm quilting pattern that reminded me of the wind swirling around the leaves.

HERE is where I found this easy pattern, courtesy of Pat Sloan and the Olfa Website.

Wishing you all a beautiful fall day!

"Snow Globe" Quilt Pattern...

A year ago I made a Christmas Quilt for all of our children's families plus a few more -- about 12 in all.  As always happens when you make quilts, I had a variety of fabrics left over, so I decided to make one for my husband and I with many of the fabrics I used for our kid's quilts. I thought that would be a fun way of remembering those quilts...

I finished the binding the other day and it's time to show it off. I chose fabrics from the mix that I felt would blend -- lots of reds and greens, of course, and some grays, blacks and lights. I have to admit I love how it turned out and this quilt pattern (a variation of a "snow globe" pattern) is perfect for showing off the fabrics. 

I chose a simple horizontal longarm quilting pattern for this quilt. I love it. It adds a fun swirl, but doesn't compete with the busyness of the fabrics. 

For the back I chose a black Christmas print, that might be my favorite Christmas fabric yet. Get a load of this...

I'm in love with those little mice. 🥰 The black fabric, along with some of the left over fabric from my stashed finished the back.

I've decided I love sashing between the blocks on some quilts. One this one in particular it separates all the different fabrics in the blocks and acts as a little frame around each one...

I think I might have gone crazy this year without my sewing machine. Granted, there are days I want to throw it out the window, because I feel like that's all I've done, but I'm grateful I've had something to do and overall it has saved me from going stir crazy!

Thursday, October 01, 2020

Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts...

I never really cared for apples until I moved to New England. Since that time they have become a favorite of mine. Apples are sweeter, crisper, and better here! One of my favorite things to do with apples is dehydrate them, but my favorite appley treat is an apple cider doughnut. You can purchase them at almost all of the farm stands in our area, but I thought I would try a baked version that I found on the blog "Saving Room for Dessert." I wouldn't call these a "healthy version" because of all the sugar, but it might be a slightly more healthy version. Still, after they're baked they are rolled in cinnamon sugar which, of course, makes them delicious!

There is a marked difference between fried and baked doughnuts. No amount of arguing will tell me otherwise, but this baked version is still very good. I especially love the robust apple flavor in this doughnut. There's no mistaking it, and it's wonderful! 

The recipe calls for reduced apple cider, so that brings out the intense flavor of apple cider in the doughnut. Plus, there's the added benefit of your house smelling like apple pie as you boil the cider down! 

Next time I will fill the doughnut baking pan higher. These doughnuts don't raise much, so the pan needs to be filled high. I learned that as I made the second batch.

Here's the recipe: