Monday, August 10, 2020

My First "Snowball" Quilt...

A friend recently told me that this is called a "Snowball" pattern. I've told you before, and it's the truth, I'm a sewer not a quilter. My quilts are so easy compared to some I see on the internet, but I like them that way because I love to showcase the prints on the fabric, not the design of the quilt, or that's what I tell myself. I don't think I have the patience for intricately patterned quilts, so I prefer simple patterns...

I saw this pattern on Facebook and sized it to what I needed to use a 10" fabric layer cake with an airplane theme that I'd bought a few years ago. Then, I took some different cream colored fabrics that I had on hand for the 4" square corners. Two inch sashing made up the rest of the quilt. 

My longarm quilter used a puffy "cloud" pattern for the quilting on this one. I love the aeronautical theme. My hubs is a private pilot, so it's a nod to him. 

  Wishing you a wonderful week with blue skies and sunshine!

Scrappy Woodland Quilt...

Last Christmas we had a houseful of children and grandkids and one thing I noticed was that each one wanted a quilt to wrap up in when they were watching TV or relaxing. These particular family members lived in Florida and California, and they were not used to a northeastern winter. So, I decided to make a few more quilts for our house, so there would be more to pass around when we have company. This is one of the quilts I made to augment my supply. 

I adore this pattern of simple half-square triangles arranged in a chevron-ish pattern. I also love the woodland fabric in this quilt. I've made a number of quilts with woodland themes these last few years, and I had just enough to make this quilt from scraps I had left over from all of those quilts.

You all probably know by now that my favorite color combination is blue and coral, so this quilt with the orange and blue border makes my heart sing.

I chose a woodland paw print for the quilting on this blanket... so cute with bear, racoon, and other prints clearly visibly in the quilting.

And, I had plenty of fabric left over for the strip on the back of the quilt. All said and done, this little quilt is one of my favorite themes with some of my favorite fabrics!

Have a wonderful day!