Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tutorial: Little Girl Princess Superhero Cape

Yesterday I explained a predicament that my granddaughter finds herself in on occasion. Even though she is a frills and ribbons girly-girl, occasionally, when she wants to save the world, she has to raid her brother's toy box and don some rather unsuitable manly-man superhero attire.

What she needs is a Little Girl Princess Superhero Cape that better suits her personality. 

Ergo, the "Little Girl Princess Superhero Cape" was created...

I promised that I'd make available the tutorial, so today I'm making good on that promise. Here's another version of this Little Girl Cape using the pattern I developed. {FYI: All fabrics used on capes were found at Hobby Lobby.}


  • Cape: Cut two out of cotton fabric (The length of fabric is determined by how long you want the cape. See comments in "Cape Pattern" below.)
  • Emblem: Cut one out of a 9" x 12" piece of contrasting cotton fabric; or use 1 sheet of contrasting Glittered Fabric Rectangle (see below)
  • Crown: Cut one out of 1 sheet of "Silver or Gold Glittered Fabric Rectangle"  (Found in the same aisle as felt squares at Hobby Lobby.)
  • Flat backed craft jewels for crown & fabric glue
  • Synthetic fabric and jewel to make fabric flower
  • Three inch piece of Velcro
  • Jumbo Ric-Rac (optional)
Use 1/2" seam allowance unless otherwise indicated.

Cape Pattern:

1. To make a cape pattern that will fit your child, start with a toddler size bib. Make sure the bib easily fits around your child's neck and then place it on a piece of paper and draw around the neck portion of the bib, like this:

The trickiest part of making a cape pattern will be the neck. Using a bib to trace the neck ensures that the cape will fit well.

In the photo below I give measurements for the cape that I made. The first measurement is the width of the cape just beneath the back of the neck. This area spreads across the shoulders of the child. The second is the measurement at the widest part at the bottom of the cape. The third and vertical measurement is how long the pattern is from the back of the neck to the bottom of the cape. This measurement can vary, depending upon how tall your child is. Simply take a measurement from the base of her neck to the back of her knees and make the cape that long. This cape was designed for 2 - 3 year olds.

To make the rounded corners on the bottom of the cape simply place a bowl over the lines and trace around the curve of the bowl, then follow the rounded line when you cut out your fabric. When you cut out your fabric from the cape pattern, make sure you cut two -- the front piece and the lining.

Emblem & Crown Applique Patterns:

To receive the pattern for the emblem and crown appliques, all I ask is that you leave a comment below and send me an email. My email address is located on the sidebar of my blog. In the subject line type "Little Girl Princess Cape", and I will send you back an email with a pdf document containing the pattern pieces.

When cutting out the emblem, use a two-sided fusible bond {like Wonder Under} so that it will be easier to attach it to the cape. Go here for a tutorial on how to applique using a fusible bond.

It isn't necessary to use fusible bonding for the crown if you use the fabric I recommend above. If you use a cotton fabric, you should use the fusible bond for the crown as well.

Sketchy tutorial: 

I often get compliments on my in-depth tutorials, so if you're looking for that type of tutorial you'll be disappointed this time. Here are some very simple directions...

1. After cutting out your fabrics, center the emblem on the front piece of the cape. Fuse the emblem to the cape using an iron, then stitch around the emblem using a blanket, zig-zag or straight stitch for added durability.

2. Then center the crown and using a straight stitch, stitch the crown to the front of the cape. {The stitches practically disappear if you use a matching thread!} Use fabric glue to attach the jewels.

3. If you want to add ric-rac to the outside edge of the cape, baste ric-rac to the right side of the front along the edges, sewing 1/4" from the outside edge. I only used ric-rac on the outside edges of the cape -- not in the portion of the cape that goes around the neck.

4. Place cape front and lining right sides together and stitch around the cape using a 1/2" seam allowance, leaving a 4" opening in the bottom of the cape. When you are finished stitching trim seam around the neck and pull cape right side out through the opening at the bottom of the cape.

5. Press cape flat and slip-stitch 4" opening shut.

6. Attach Velcro to end of tabs at neck.

7. Optional: Make a synthetic fabric flower to cover up stitching lines where you attached Velcro on the tab ends. Attach flower with fabric glue. Go here to learn how to make a synthetic fabric flower. Keep the flower small so it doesn't tickle or irritate your super hero's neck as she's wearing her cape. Attache flower to tab with fabric glue.

8. Using fabric glue attach flat backed craft jewels to the crown...

Your Little Girl Princess Super Hero Cape is now ready to be used!
We can only hope the world becomes a better place with 
a few more Super Heros in it!


Reno said...

I would love the emblem and crown patterns. I have this cute cape earmarked for two grand-daughters' birthdays. Thank you!

Reno said...

PS- I made them both the little girls purse last year and they loved them.

Unknown said...

I've got the perfect material just waiting for this cape. Thanks so much for making the pattern available for all of us!!

Julie said...

oh my goodness, Suzanne! You've done it again!!!!! So super sweet!!!!!

Jessica savic said...

I love these! I'm planning on making these for my niece's 4th bday party! So cute.

Kaye said...

This is precious. Thanks for sharing. Going to make this for my 4-year-old princess super hero.

Unknown said...

This is so cute. I have 2 granddaughters 3 and 6. The last princess dresses I made for them required so much yardage it came out so expensive. This would be perfect and they could wear them whenever they want without having to change their clothes. Thanx for sharing!

maureen said...

Just found this on Pinterest. So cute. I'm excited to make them for my favorite little princess's.

Carolyn said...

This will be perfect for the dress up clothes I am sewing for my two year old granddaughter's Christmas gift. Easy on and off will help everyone.

llfaust84 said...

I would love the crown and emblem pattern. I am making capes for my 2 granddaughters for Christmas.

LinLou R said...

Adorable! Would love the crown pattern for my princess granddaughters cape I am making for Christmas. Thanks!

sbreid said...

This is absolutely darling. Thank you for sharing all of your talents with us. I would love the patterns for the crown and emblem.

friedturtle said...

Love the cape. Plenty of sparkle.

Heidi K

The Incubator said...

Looking forward to making these for my two year old twin granddaughters for their Easter gift. Just adorable!

Mother Of The Groom said...

Love this cape design - it's perfect for my sassy little granddaughter! Would you please e-mail me the crown and emblem pattern? I will be making this for a slightly undersized 18 month old sweetie! Thanks - Pam

Unknown said...

Love your cape design - it's perfect for my granddaughter! Please email me the crown and emblem pattern. Thanks so much! Cindy

Steven!! said...

Cant wait to use this!! Thanks so much!