Monday, January 30, 2017

Snappy Bag & Mommy Cards...

It seems as if many of my ideas lately are gifts for a new mother. This is one that you won't see every day. The transition from career/working woman to stay-at-home momma can be significant. As much as we look forward to children coming into our lives, the shift from a working lifestyle where you are in constant association with others, to a lifestyle with a baby and husband being your "whole world" leaves many young mothers yearning for a little outside fellowship with others in a similar situation. Fortunately, staying at home is less structured than working, so you are in a position to meet others and become friends. That's where a "Mommy Card" comes in. You use it much the same as a business card.

One can hand it out to other young mothers you might happen to meet at the library, park, church or wherever! The card tells them your name and some contact information of your choice.

I ordered these cards for my daughter-in-law who after a number of years is becoming a stay-at-home mother to their first baby. They came from Vista Print and cost about $20 {embossing was extra} for 100 cards. If you think that's too many, you don't know my outgoing and friendly daughter-in-law. They are moving in the next couple of weeks, so she's sure to use them as she meets other young mothers living near her new home. 

I don't know if you remember my "Snappy Bag." Go here for the tutorial. They are just the right size to carry a young mother's new Mommy Cards. 

I think this is a fun little gift for the new mother to help her transition to her new role when she becomes a stay-at home momma!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Half Square Triangle Quilt the easy way....

Yesterday I published a post telling you about the baby quilt that I finished recently. It was a half square triangle quilt in a star pattern. I mentioned that this pattern was both simple and quick!

One of the reasons it was so quick is that I watched an amazing video at "Simple Simon and Company"  that demonstrated a short-cut when making half square triangle blocks. This little trick can save you a lot of time and effort. I'll let the video speak for itself. Go here to watch the video!

Another blog, "The Sewing Loft," has even more ideas on how to create blocks {quickly} for half square triangle quilts. 

Also, Pinterest has a myriad of ideas for how to put
together half square quilts for different

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Baby Quilt...

A week or two ago I dropped this quilt off at a longarm quilter. In the course of our conversation I told her that in the past I really didn't like to quilt that much. I love sewing projects that I can finish in a day. That has left intricate, complex quilt patterns out of the picture for me. In response she said, "So you're a seamstress, not a quilter." My reply, "Mmmmm, not really. I'm more of a sewer." That's how I've always thought of myself. I love quick and easy projects that can be finished in one afternoon and given away the next day!

A month ago I came across this star quilt pattern. I loved the simple pattern, so I decided to try my hand at a couple of baby quilts. I sized it for a baby and gave it a go.

I think this simple quilt has turned me into a quilter. I've decided quilts don't have to be intricate and time-consuming to be beautiful. I chose some fabrics from Hobby Lobby. The floral print (in the center) is one I've bought for a number of project, so I decided to build the quilt around that print. {The colors of the quilt are more accurate in the photo below than in the other pictures to follow.}

We have two granddaughters due in the next couple of months. This is for the baby due in March. The baby's momma loves soft pinks, grays, whites and beige colors. I hope she'll like this quilt. More importantly, I hope the baby will grow to love it.

The other grandbaby's quilt is waiting to be longarm quilted as I write. That one features the same floral and blue fabrics, but instead of the soft pink, it has coral colors. I'm anxious to get that one back too.

The beauty of this particular pattern is that I cut it out and finished the top of the quilt in an afternoon. Just the way I like it!

I think if you're going to have a simple pattern, like this one, it really helps to get it professionally quilted. The quilting made a world of difference and I love the texture it added to the quilt.

I made some bias tape from one of the fabrics I used in the quilt for the binding. This arrow fabric (with gold metallic accent) is cute on the bias.

For the back of the quilt I just used the floral print and this beautiful soft pink swan fabric...

The moral of this story is... don't ever count yourself out. I didn't think of myself as a quilter, but this easy pattern has made all the difference. I kind of love quilting now.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dwipe & Burp Cloths...

A couple of days ago I posted some photos of projects that I've been making the last couple of weeks for a couple of granddaughters that will arrive in February and March. Here are a few more of those projects...

A number of years ago I made this pattern for a Diaper/Wipe Tote. I named it the "Dwipe," and have been selling the pattern in my Etsy shop ever since. If you need a quick homemade gift for a mother-to-be, this should be your go-to gift. It's such an easy pattern to sew and it's something that will be used for years by the new momma (and daddy).  It's a small case where a parent can store essentials -- a travel case of wet wipes, a thin changing pad, and a few diapers. This tote can also come in handy for the parent who is training her child. One can put a change of clothing into the tote in case of emergency. This mini-tote can then be placed in a glove compartment, a purse, or a diaper bag. I made a bunch of these some months back and have been giving them away ever since.

I've saved the best for last. These are the easiest little gifts to make you will ever find, but mothers and fathers love these crazy burp cloths. Years ago one of my daughters-in-law asked me to make her some of these, and they've been a hit with the new mommas and daddies in our family ever since. They are basically a pre-folded purchased cloth diaper that has been fancied up a bit. Here's the simple tutorial I published years ago. It'll show you how to make these cute and practical gifts...'

{Once again, these fabrics are from of Hobby Lobby.}

Sunday, January 08, 2017

Looking forward to more grandbabies...

Hi there. Yup, I'm still alive. You might have thought otherwise, but I've actually been very busy these last few months with "life" and a new part time job. I was offered a job in retail in October for the holiday season, but got news last week that they wanted to keep me on. The job is mostly part time, so I still get to enjoy the hobbies that I have in the past. With the holidays behind us last week my hours reduced considerably and I was able to start and finish a bunch of baby projects. We have two granddaughters due very soon -- one will arrive in February and one in March. I can't wait to meet these little angels. I'm almost finished with the quilt below. Generally speaking, I'm no quilter. It takes patience and perseverance to be a quilter -- two qualities that I have in short supply -- but I wanted to make a quilt for one of the little ones so I chose this "easy" disappearing nine-patch quilt as the pattern. I love these fabrics. They're from Hobby Lobby. There are 10 or more complimentary fabrics from this line. I've got to finish the binding and I'll call it good...

I also made a few receiving blankets. I usually do two sides of flannel for these blankets, but I did one side regular cotton fabric and the other flannel on these. Here's the tutorial for these extra large receiving blankets...

Here's the Maggie the Taggie Owl that I made from the pattern I sell in my Etsy shop. My daughter-in-law used this pattern to make her infant a taggie blanket and put a crinkle paper between the fabrics so it not only had tactile stimulation, but a crinkly audio stimulation as well. She used a couple of the plastic/paper bags that houses the cereal in boxed cereal. Those make the perfect crinkle "paper" for these taggies! Just save one or two, unfold them and sew them between the fabrics!

I love the ribbons they currently have at Hobby Lobby that are complimentary to their fabric lines. Sooo cute!

Later this week I'll show you a few more things I've made. I love sewing for these little ones. It's my way of welcoming them into our family and letting them {and their parents} know they are loved.