Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wristlet Give Away

"Purple" was the color chosen most often for this month's Wristlet Give Away! I aim to please. This little clutch features fabrics designed by Pamela Mostek for her "Piccadilly" collection. Cocoa-colored, heart-shaped clover meanders wildly through a plum background on this delightful fabric. The ruffle has a touch of lime and raspberry that compliments and adds a delicious touch to this mini Hang Up!

Here are the loops you must jump through in order to be eligible for this contest...
  • Go to my Etsy site and check out the items that are available in my shop. Pick your favorite and let me know what you've chosen in your comment below. Trust me, you'll NOT want to skip this step. (Chuckle, chuckle, tee-hee-hee -- I can be sooo transparent!)
  • Participants must live within the continental U.S. or Canada.
  • If you put a "shout out" on your blog, facebook, or email a bunch of friends about the contest, I will enter your name two more times per shout out. Please leave an additional comment to inform me that you've posted on one or both of those sites or sent an email.
  • If I'm on your blog list or you add me to your blog list favorites, your name will go into the basket two more times! (Let me know.)
  • No anonymous comments, please. I need an email address or accessibility to a blog. Private bloggers --feel free to enter, but you'll need to leave your email address. If I don't have any way to contact you, your name will not be eligible.
This contest will run through midnight Wednesday, February 3rd. Thursday morning, February 4th, the winner will be announced.

Wristlets are versatile clutches that one can use day or night. It can be used as a clutch to carry cash, a debit card, and a license, or it can be used in a purse to organize accessories (i.e. as a cosmetic bag, sunglasses case, or for personal items). It features a "hidden" zipper -- stashed discreetly behind the ruffle. The dimensions of this mini-tote are 8" x 6". It is fully lined and interfaced with fusible fleece to give it plenty of body and support. The handle is 6" long.

Good luck!


Last week I conducted a highly scientific poll. I wanted to determine which color "the masses" would choose for my Wristlet Give Away this month. I don't know if those playing along were influenced by my post earlier in the week about eggplants, but the color that was chosen was "Eggplant Purple." I decided to make this month's Give Away purple in color, but I also came up with this little creation. Because the color purple was such a hit, I'm hoping this wristlet will tempt someone to purchase. (Yes, I know, I'm an acute businesswoman -- and an optimist!)

These tantalizing batiks by Hoffman Fabrics are luscious. Hoffman designs and creates innovative and unique hand-dyed and hand-painted batik fabrics of the highest quality.

These fabrics are of such a high caliber that they have a silk-like texture. Generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the more silk-like the fabric feels and, believe me, these fabrics are silky-smooth!

Also, when the thread count is high it not only feels more smooth, but it repels dirt or dust much better. It's much easier to "brush off" the dust or soil from high caliber fabric than it is for a less expensive fabric. That's one of the reasons I use more expensive fabrics on my totes. Love the deep, dark, purpley eggplant color of these fabrics...

This wristlet will be in my Etsy later today.
Check back tomorrow for my Wristlet Give-Away!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another Time & Place

Every once and awhile in the dead of winter when all is cold and bare, I have to go back to another time and place just to remind myself of what summer looks like.

Time: July 28, 2009, early morning hours
Place: My garden

Ahhhh, yes.
Now I remember.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Good Day Sunshine

I need to laugh, and when the sun is out
I've got something I can laugh about
I feel good, in a special way
I'm in love and it's a sunny day

There's nothing like a sunny day or the sunshiny color of yellow to put you in a good mood. Lila Tueller was all over that when she created her line "Santorini." This collection was inspired by a tiny Greek island in the Aegean Sea, rich with ripening olive groves and lush tropical gardens. The colors of this collection are bright, fresh, and welcoming.

Some fabric designers make it so easy to make beautiful things...

This sunshiney wristlet is residing
in my Etsy.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday's Fabulous Finds...

I spy with my Etsy eye something
drenched in sunshine...

Clockwise from top left:
Picasso Mix Lentil Beads
Vintage Train Case
Merino Silk Cashmere Lace Yarn
Moonstone Sunshine
Bellagio Italy Print

Please remember to take the survey on my sidebar
to help me decide what color fabric I should
use for my give-away this month!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


First things first. Please take the survey on my sidebar to help me decide what color fabric I should use for my Give-Away this month!

Inspiration is an interesting thing. I seem to find it in the oddest places. Take, for example, this eggplant. Surely, there isn't a more striking color combination that can be found anywhere...

...deep, pitch-dark purple with bright lime green. Incredible. And look at the soft, curved lines of that girl. Absolutely luscious. What's more, check out the beautiful eggplant flower below. It kind of reminds me of a clematis in shape and color. Stunning.

You might be wondering why I'm taking eggplants. Yes, well I'm getting to that. I'll bring it all together right here and now. Although I have no way of knowing, I can just imagine the fabric below was inspired by the color and curves of an eggplant - complete with a blossoming flower. Man has a wonderful way of trying to imitate God's masterpieces, and in this case I think this designer takes a close second. This fabric has captured the gorgeous purpley color and soft, shapely curves of an eggplant. I'm in love with it.

When you combine this scrollwork fabric with the complimentary fabric below from the same line, you get that punch of lime green that is so stunning with a deep purple. These fabrics are from the line called Piccadilly, by Pamela Mostek, for Clothworks. You'll be seeing more from this line in the weeks to come. I'm in love with it! Truly inspiring designs and colors.

Which brings me to my little creation. Goodness me with inspiring fabric like this, how could I go wrong?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ruffles and Roses...

I spent my time making fabric flowers and doing a little sewing yesterday. One of my favorite ways to spend free time is creating these days. It's relaxation therapy after a busy holiday season.

These beautiful Erin McMorris fabrics, from her Park Slope Collection by Freespir
it, are like a walk through a citrus grove! Playful abstract florals and fresh organic shapes create pure, clean color palettes with eye-popping colors. This line has a fresh garden feel with a retro kick. Love her designs! I chose three complementary fabrics to make this mini Hang Up wristlet. The bright, flashy colors in this sassy clutch are the perfect prescription for the doldrums of January!

Have a great day!

What's your interior design style?

I found out mine is "Nantucket."
Sproost says my interior design style is:
67% Nantucket Style
22% Rustic Revival
11% Arts and Crafts

Here's what they had to say...

"Oh how you love the beach!
Your dream home is either perched in your favorite beach town,
or you've brought that favorite beach t
own into your house."

It's true.
I love the beach.
Passionately & completely.
I grew up a half hour from Santa Cruz.
There's seaweed in my blood,
and sand castles,
and salt water,
and lapping

I need to gut my house of all its current furnishings and start anew ... or move to the beach. It might be easier to move to the beach. I'm thinking something like this would fit the bill...

(Go here to find out your interior design style.)

PS: There are only three rooms in my home that resemble this style -- my kitchen, master bedroom and master bath. If only I'd known earlier.)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wristlets - a work in progress

I've been tweaking my wristlet pattern -- trying to get it just the right proportions. This one is a teeny bit shorter than the first. Love the raspberry and lime colors. It screams "Valentine's Day!"

Functionality with pizzazz! That's what they are. Here's a peak at the hidden zipper and lining...

You can use this mini-tote (7 1/2 " x 5 1/2 ") day or night. For the woman who thinks less is more, she can use it alone as a clutch to carry a little cash, a debit card, and her license. Or, for the woman who believes in being prepared for every eventuality, she can use it in her purse to organize her accessories. I happen to be one of the latter. Here's what I plan on putting in mine: lipstick, gum, blush, mirror, band aide, pen, hand lotion, pencil, calculator, adding machine, hair spray, chapstick, socks, tweezers, headband, scarf, cash, kleenex, measuring tape, scissors, perfume, cell phone, calorie counter, mace, address book, brush, coupons, curling iron, and a granola bar. You know, the essentials.

And best of all, they have these beauticious flowers adorning them. I'm fairly certain that anything could be made better if it wore one of these flowers. I'm thinking of plastering one on my face right now.

I've decided to sell them in my Etsy.
That's where this one will be found later today.