Friday, February 14, 2020

Squirrels and Nuts Quilt...

There are only two camps. One camp loves squirrels -- the other calls them "rodents" does not. I could be the President of the Squirrel Fan Club in the U.S. of A. I love 'em! So when I saw this fabric with these pink-cheeked squirrely squirrels, I had to have it. I paired it with some more cute fall fabrics, and I knew I had the perfect fall quilt. 

I haven't sewed a lot since I moved into our new home in Massachusetts. I've had other interests, and my favorite time to sew is in the winter when it's cold outside. We've had another mild winter though, so it's cut into my sewing a bit. Our low is -3 degrees tonight though, so the machine has been humming today!

I've found that the posts on the railing in our loft are spaced perfectly to hang a quilt right in between the posts. It's great because it can hang there wrinkle free as I sew the backing!

I'm keeping this bad boy. He's going to be adorable when he's all quilted up, and when we had a bunch of family at our home over the holidays, I decided one cannot have enough quilts and comforters.

Have a wonderful weekend!