Sunday, December 31, 2017

Pattern for adult-sized quilt...

I've been asked a few times about dimensions for my quilts and how large the blocks are. I'll give you a quick sketch here of how much yardage I bought for each adult-sized quilt for this pattern...

I always bought a little more fabric than I needed for the front, so I could use the remainder of that fabric for the strip of fabrics on the back of the quilt...

Finished Measurements: 55" x 65"
A: 1 1/2 yard
B: 1 yard
C: 1 yard
D: 1 yard
E: 1/2 yard
F: 2 yards

A (block): Cut out fifteen 10" squares
B (block): Cut out eight 11" squares 
C (block): Cut out eight 11" squares
D (boarder): Cut out six 4 1/2" x 44" strips 
E (binding): Cut out six 2 1/2" x 44" strips
F (back fabric): See instructions below.

To assemble:

Sew B & C squares together as described in this tutorial from Diary of a Quilter.  After all the half-triangle blocks, trim the blocks down to 10" blocks. Attach the blocks together to make rows; then sew the rows together. Sew on the boarder (D) and you've finished the top of the quilt.

I always had my quilts professionally quilted, so I made the backs of the quilts larger than the front by at least 6" (3" a side) in length and width.

By buying the above yardage for the front of the quilt you will have leftover fabric that you can use on the back of the quilt for the strip of fabrics (G). The finished strip (G) needs to be 20" wide by two yards in length. Unfold your back fabric (F) and measure 15" over from one of the selvages and cut along that line. You will have one piece of fabric 15" x 2 yards and another about 29" x 2 yards. Sew the strip of fabrics (G) to the two pieces of back fabric (F). The back of your quilt is completed. 

Once the quilt has been quilted, you can trim the quilt and add the binding (E). I hope this gives you plenty of information to make one for yourself or a loved one! Thank you for the sweet, encouraging comments you've left me -- both on this blog and on my "Just Another Hang Up" Facebook account.