Monday, March 21, 2011

April's Plaque Attack is here...

Oh my goodness! If you read the earlier announcement on my sidebar about the "Email Fiasco" last month in regard to my email problems you'll know why I am changing things up a bit this month! Last month over 50 emails requesting March's Plaque Attack were sent to my "spam" box instead of my email "inbox." I discovered this last week -- exactly one day before St. Patrick's Day. To say I felt bad for those who had requested the "St. Patty's Day inspired" Plaque Attack is to put it mildly. {Sorry ladies.} For this reason -- and possibly because I am receiving several hundred email requests each month for the plaque -- I am changing the method of how you will receive Plaque Attacks from now on!

To receive the Plaque Attack document for April,
please follow the instructions below...

I love spring! April ushers in blue skies, green grass, flowering trees, daffodils and jelly beans! April's plaque certainly reflects the onset of spring and a favorite holiday of mine {{Easter}} !!!

Instead of asking you to send me an email requesting the Plaque Attack document as I have done in the past, I am offering the Plaque Attack in a downloadable PDF document. As always it is free of charge. If possible, before you download the doc would you consider becoming a "follower" and be so kind as to leave a comment below? I always love hearing from you!  If, for some reason, you would rather email me to request your Plaque Attack, feel free to do so. My email address is located on my sidebar. Please be forwarned: The PDF version is 1/4" smaller than the emailed Word version. After downloading the PDF, print it off on plain paper to determine the size. If you'd like it a little bigger, then request the Word document through email.

By downloading this copyrighted document you agree not to sell the document or sell any item that uses this document. It is for personal use only. You may make as many copies for yourself or to use as gifts as you would like!

Click here to download the April Plaque Attack
PDF document!
{To print go to "file" to the left of the document, then "Print PDF."}

If you are new to my blog, go to this post to find the supply list and a simple tutorial on how to make a Plaque Attack!

I received this information in an email today from a reader. It might help those who are having trouble printing the document:

"Thank you so much for your recent plaque attack and the chick-sicle!  It's adorable. I just thought I would let you know that I had trouble printing it.  I used Internet Explorer and brought up both documents (the plaque attack yesterday and the chick today) and they came up fine, but when I chose print pdf, a blank screen would come up.  I tried to download it, tried saving it, and nothing worked.  I decided to try another browser and so used Firefox, and both documents came up and printed fine.  So, if others are having trouble like I was, you might suggest to them they use another browser (I suspect Safari would also work).  For some reason, IE did not work for me (I'm on a pc)."

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Did you notice the cute fonts I used? These free fonts can easily be downloaded to your computer by going to {Kevin&}. They have hundreds of fabulous fonts for the taking. So kind of them to share their talents so freely!