Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thankful Thoughts...

Who inspired me this week?
The answer to this question is simple -- the Japanese people -- specifically those struggling from the after-affects and devastation of the earthquake and tsunami. There were many reports of heroism and quiet tenacity that inspired me this week. One such report was of the emergency workers who volunteered to help prevent the full meltdown of one nuclear facility. Certainly Japan is known as being a culture that values self-sacrifice, but these extraordinary individuals could conceivably be making the ultimate sacrifice for their fellow citizens well-being. Their example is humbling and inspiring.

What surprised me this week?
Answer: Insight given me. For several days this week I had feelings of guilt as I relished in the gradual appearance of spring in Colorado. Realizing there was so much suffering going on across the sea, made me wonder if I was being selfish as I enjoyed the warmth of the sun, emerging crocuses, and the appearance of a few blades of spring-green grass. As I pondered these thoughts, I came to the realization that gratitude should never illicit feelings of guilt. While there are many things wrong in the world today, there are many more reasons to give thanks. I realized by cultivating a spirit of gratitude I can better lift myself and others when trials and difficulties do arise. With that thought in mind -- I am grateful for crystal-clear blue skies, white puffy clouds, daffodils, chirping birds and budding trees. Happy 1st day of spring!