Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The value of a good makeover -- either in a room, on a face, or to a blog -- cannot be overestimated!

Hopefully you noticed that my blog has been treated to a complete renovation. Krystal, over at Sassy Sanctuary, is the woman responsible for the overhaul! I think she did a fabulous job. A little over a week ago I contacted her to see if she might be able to treat my blog to a little TLC. She started a couple of days ago, and I've loved what she's accomplished. Working with mwaaaa can be a bit overwhelming at times. I can be rather particular, so I truly appreciated her patient, kind manner. She worked closely with me giving me great suggestions and options, but leaving all the decisions up to me. Loved the process and love the results! Head on over to {Blog Design by Sassy Sanctuary} and check out some of her past creations!

Sassy Sanctuary