Monday, March 14, 2011

Thankful Thoughts & a Huge Relief Effort...

Many years ago a wise man was speaking on the subject of charity when he said, "Don't institutionalize your giving." He was referring to the fact that many of us rely upon regular, scheduled donations on our part to specific organizations. We might contribute yearly or monthly to these good causes, which helps us feel as if we are "doing our part" to relieve suffering throughout our communities and the world. At times we might rely too heavily upon organizations to help those in need, thus distancing ourselves from the suffering and pain experienced by those in distress. Although helpful in many ways, it is an isolating way to serve. His thoughts stirred my soul, and I've never forgotten those words. He helped me to realize when a need arises to stretch beyond my normal limits and seek opportunities to serve and give in more unique, personal and less-convenient ways.

We've all seen the devastation that has befallen those in Japan these last few days. A huge relief effort is being undertaken by many organizations to help those suffering from the destruction brought on by the earthquake and tsunami earlier this week. I'd like to do my part. For one week (through March 22nd) I will donate all of my proceeds from the sale of any item in my Etsy Shop to relief efforts in Japan. One hundred percent of the proceeds from my Etsy sales will be donated to an organization {LDS Philanthropies) where 100% of your donation will go toward humanitarian efforts in Japan. You can be assured that your money will be put to good use, and you'll receive a little something in return from my Etsy shop for your generosity.

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