Monday, July 19, 2010

Storage Containers...

This last week we've been attempting to get our laundry room in order. A new utility sink was installed with countertop and cabinetry. I painted one of the walls a beautiful neutral green -- "Oolong Tea" from Martha Stewart's line of paints at HD. Some accessories and storage containers were added to the room, and this week I'm making some new curtains for the space.

Now about those storage containers I just mentioned ... I would venture to say that most women would opt for more storage in their homes if given the opportunity. It seems we never have enough. Fortunately, last week we added to the storage space in our laundry room by adding the extra cabinet which brought additional storage to the room, but as I was rearranging items in the cabinets I realized that all the space on several shelves in one cabinet was being taken up by light bulbs. I knew there had to be a better solution to storing these items.

Last year I bought some small paper mache boxes and covered them with scrapbook paper to use as gift boxes. (You can see them here and here.) I decided to use the same technique to cover larger boxes that would fit on the top of my cabinets for light bulb storage. I have a step-stool tucked away nearby, so reaching those boxes would not be a problem at all...

I started this project by buying three round paper mache boxes in descending size. One was 13" wide x 8" tall @ $5.99; another 10 1/2" x 6" @ $4.99; and the last 9 1/2" x 5" @ $4.49. I also found some scrapbook paper -- half price! I used the Mod Podge and a paintbrush that I had previously purchased. Start by measuring the height of the boxes and adding 2 1/2" to that measurement. For the box below I cut my paper to 7 1/2 inches.

Paint Mod Podge onto the side of the box and down the middle of the length of the paper -- leaving about 1" on the sides of the paper free. When using Mod Podge make sure you cover both surfaces for adequate adhesion.

Place your box onto the paper and roll it down the paper -- adding Mod Podge to both surfaces as need be. Smooth the paper with your hand to avoid wrinkles. Then, on the bottom side of the box slit the "overhanging" part of the paper every 1"...

Put Mod Podge on the box and on the slits of paper and adhere the slits to the bottom of the box (they will overlap slightly), like this...

Do the same to the top of the box turning the paper to the inside of the box.

I followed this process for all three boxes, but they still looked a bit plain...

I didn't want to have to remove the lid each time I needed a bulb (the epitome of "lazy"), so I did the following...

I cut around the edge of the lid about 1/2" from the side with an exacto knife. This enabled me to be able to put the "lid" on the box, but the box would be open at the top so I could easily grab a light bulb. The lid was covered with scrapbook paper in the same manner as the bottom part of the box...

After I covered all the containers with the paper I put one thick coat of Mod Podge over all the outside of the scrapbook paper to add some texture, shine, and durability to the paper.

After that was dry, I dabbed some brown glaze on the paper to distress it ever so lightly in spots. Then a tag was added to each box to identify the type of light bulbs residing therein!

I have to admit I love these storage containers. They have freed up an enormous amount of space in one of my cabinets! I also love the fact that they add a little color at the top of my cabinets.

The whole project cost about $20 including the scrapbook paper, the paper mache boxes, and the Mod Podge. I paid full price for the boxes at HL, but they often go on sale at 50% off. All in all an economical, practical, and fun project!

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