Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bloomin' Tuesday...

Ahhh, the dog days of summer. Hot, sultry days when one hardly has the energy to pull up a lawn chair and take a nap. While we humans are tucking into air-conditioned buildings and relaxing in pools, the flowers and veggies in my garden are soaking up the rays like there's no tomorrow. Of course I have to water them morning and night to keep them energized, but they are in their glory.

Speaking of "glory" -- my Morning Glories are beginning to bloom. These plants reseed themselves yearly in the area they are planted and faithfully shoot up their gorgeous blossoms. In some climates these beauties are considered pests, but in Colorado they are easily controlled. I love going out to my garden in the morning and seeing these beauties...

Do you remember back to the first part of June just after we had installed our birdie fountain and I had planted a gajillion impatiens around it? If not, here's a photo to jog your memory. See all those little impatiens surrounding the fountain...

Well, here's a photo I took this morning from the same vantage point. The impatience have grown and filled in to the point that they are reaching the top of the fountain. So beautiful and lush!

And lets not forget these vine-ripened beauties. We've already tasted a few of these and they are delicious!

I've also got some cilantro and basil percolating in their own little container. The other day I made some salsa and guacomole with these fresh ingredients (cilantro and tomatoes) and it was fabulous. There's nothing better than plucked-from-the-garden ingredients!

Hope you have a wonderful Bloomin' Tuesday in your neck of the woods!

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