Friday, July 09, 2010

Silver Linings...

Yesterday I ran a lot of errands -- one of which was dropping some items off at a thrift store in our town. It seems I go there as much to drop things off as I do to search for treasures. Does that seem incongruous to you? It does to me. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but since I was there I thought I'd take a quick sweep through the store to see if anything caught my eye. Famous last words -- that I rarely regret.

I came upon this silver creamer and sugar bowl set. When I picked it up I knew immediately that it was silver-lined rather than pure silver. It was way too heavy to be pure silver, but I loved the shape of these items. When I bought them they were tarnished with a thick patina, but I hoped that would buff right off with a little tender loving care.

Eighteen hours later I learned that sometimes tender loving care isn't enough. I don't think there is enough silver polish in the world to take these items back to pristine form, but that doesn't really bother me much. I love things that are a little weathered, a little time-worn, and a little used. These fit into that category beautifully.

I paid a total of $1.68 for these treasures. Sometimes I like to buy things like this to use as receptacles for gifts. A few little flowers in one and some candy in another can brighten a friend's day. Thrift store items can be inexpensive containers for gifts! Just a thought...

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