Sunday, July 04, 2010

Frozen Banana Split Squares... the perfect way to celebrate

It's not very often that I try new recipes for a holiday. I tend to stick with family favorites that have passed the test of time. Tonight was the exception. Last week I was perusing my favorite blogs and came upon this recipe at "Our Best Bites" for Frozen Banana Split Squares. My knees went weak. Fortunately I was sitting down at the time. What could be better than ice cream sandwiches, bananas, strawberries, whipped topping with crushed pineapple, caramel and hot fudge? Did I forget the crushed up Butterfingers? And Butterfingers. I hope you all were sitting down as you read those ingredients. I wouldn't want to be responsible for a fall.

Today I whipped one up, and tonight we tasted it for the first time! Heaven on a spoon.

Since the weekend isn't over yet, and we still have one more night of celebration before we get back to the grind, I thought I'd share this idea for dessert for tomorrow night. Yum.

I followed the recipe to a "t", but next time instead of slicing the strawberries I'm going to dice them into smaller pieces so one doesn't get a huge bite of frozen strawberry. Also, after cutting the dessert into squares and plating each serving, I think I'll leave them on the counter for five minutes or so to give each serving a chance to "warm up!" This recipe can easily be halved and put into an 8x8" pan. Enjoy!