Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Shhhh... it's a Give-Away

Last week was a busy week. Not only was I working on our family art gallery, but I had an order of seven wristlets that I needed to fill for a bride to present to her bridesmaids as gifts. Diana contacted me late last month asking if I could fill a "special order" of seven wristlets. I thanked her for the inquiry (which I truly appreciated), but told her that I didn't fill custom orders in my shop.

After sending off the email to Diana telling her I couldn't help her, I thought that would be the end of it. I underestimated the determination of a bride-to-be. I should have known better.

She wrote back this email: Suzanne - I don't want to bug you, but I just love your design & I wish you'd reconsider making me the wristlets for my bridesmaids! They are perfect & I honestly can't find anything close to those!

Danged if that wasn't one of the sweetest little emails I ever read. Ahhh, shoot. My defenses were slipping. I wrote her back telling her I would consider filling a custom order for her, but citing my limitations -- that I couldn't promise them till the end of July -- that I'd have to special order fabric...etc.

She wrote back: Yippee! This just made my night! The wedding is August 14, and the rehearsal is the 13th, so as long as I have them a few days ahead of time, I'm all set...

To be honest, I wasn't terribly excited about the pressure I knew this order would bring. Then something happened. I got excited about those seven little wristlets. Diana mentioned in that same email that the wedding colors are fuchsia, pink and orchid. Then she added that the theme of the wedding is "flowers", since they are being married in a flower garden. She also mentioned that I could make the wristlets the same or make each one slightly different, but in keeping with the colors. Hmmm .... I loved the idea of making each one unique. I had her give me an idea of some fabrics she liked, and I went to work filling her order. Today I added the last touch -- the fabric flowers...

I'm thinking of asking Diana if I can be an honorary bridesmaid just so I can get one of these...

It's time for a Give-Away!

For those of you that have read all the way to the bottom of this post, it's time for a little Give-Away. This Give-Away is directed to those who frequent my blog. It's my way of saying "thank you" to those who visit my blog and leave such kind, encouraging comments. It doesn't matter if you've been a long-time follower or if you've just discovered my blog. You are welcome to enter. If you've never left a comment, that's OK, now is the time. No need to advertise this in any way. It's just for you.

Here are particulars...
  • Scroll down to the photo below. I have each of the seven wristlets numbered. To enter this contest, leave a comment below stating the number of the wristlet you would like to win. I will make the winner of this contest the wristlet of her choice.
  • No anonymous comments, please. I need an email address or accessibility to a public blog. Private bloggers --feel free to enter, but you'll need to leave your email address. If I don't have any way to contact you, your name will not be eligible.
  • This contest will run through midnight Tuesday, July 13th. Wednesday morning, July 14th the winner will be announced.
Good luck!

Update: I have received some emails and comments asking about the fabric I used in the above wristlets, and I'm more than happy to detail the fabric line and the designers:

#1 - Santorini Ambrosia by Lila Tueller
#2 - Picadilly by Pamela Mostek
#3 - Soirre by Lila Tueller
#4 - Santorini Olive Grove by Lila Tueller
#5 - Farmer's Market by Sandi Henderson
#6 - Santorini Trellis Floral by Lila Tueller
#7 - Soirre by Lila Tueller

More wristlets are available in my Etsy!