Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bloomin' Tuesday...

Happy Bloomin' Tuesday! We've finally warmed up in Colorado. Yesterday it was 94 degrees. Today's high is only expected to be 79 degrees, so we're getting a little reprieve. This morning it is cool and lovely.

We've finally gotten most of the "heavy" work done in our garden. Seeds and seedlings are planted. Fall leaves are collected and trashed. Bushes and trees are trimmed. Plants are staked. All the spring clean up work is finally completed. All this happened a little late this year because our spring was so wet and cold! Usually these tasks would be completed by mid May. Such is life.

I have a few collages to show what's happening in our garden this week. With the warmer days our flowers are starting to fill in and take off. Here's a glimpse of our Colorado garden...

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