Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

What inspired me this week?
Music. I love music. Music has the ability to inspire and influence me. Because of this, a Christmas season without Christmas music would be like a day without sunshine! I'm not talking about the "Jingle Bells" music that you hear playing on the radio frequently during this time of year. I suppose those songs have their place, but I'm talking about real Christmas music. The kind that testifies of Christ -- His birth -- His life -- His love. I love the old standbys that are found in most Christian hymnals, but I also have some favorite contemporary Christmas songs. Check out my Playlist to the right -- there's a few of them there at the top of the list. Take a few minutes to listen to some of them. They are so beautiful and I would imagine, if you listen, they will inspire you too.

What surprised me this week?
This last week I stood in a Post Office line four times on four different days. Each time the line was at least 20 minutes long -- once it was 35 minutes long. During my stints in line I never heard a grumble or saw a disgruntled face from those standing in line. That kind of amazed and surprised me. I think it had a lot to do with how polite and cheerful the postal employees were. Each one was a hard worker and those of us waiting in line could see how diligent they were working so that the line would move along briskly. This particular Post Office is situated inside an ACE Hardware store. The store had employees going up and down the line handing out coupons for "free keys" and "$5 off" vouchers. They were even passing out free "designer" coffee. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I appreciated the offer. All in all it was a great holiday experience and I enjoyed it! It's a good thing, because tomorrow will find me in that same line once again...

What moved me this week?
I love the Christmas season. I love the feelings this time of year brings out in me and in others. We seem to feel more compassion and love toward one another and we demonstrate these feelings by kind acts and deeds. It is a time that is somehow "set apart" during the year, when we think more of others and a little less of ourselves, which ultimately blesses our lives. I've been the recipient of some sweet acts of kindness lately and I've had the opportunity to serve others. In both of these instances I've been blessed and touched. It's a miraculous thing to me that by giving, we gain. God's calculator is so different than man's. The Christmas season and the kind acts of service associated with it move me.