Monday, December 08, 2008

"Best Friend", $45

I have a new Best Friend. She's the perfect companion. She listens without giving advice. She always makes you look good. She only hangs around when she's wanted. She's sassy and hip and cute! She's a little loud, but that's a huge part of her appeal. Yup, Best Friend evah! This little number just might be an all-time favorite Hang Up of mine. Love the fabric combination! I received this fabric in the mail TODAY and was so excited to see what could be done with it that I whipped a tote up this afternoon. Dreamy -- absolutely dreeeamy. Here's the unveiling...

I have a new fabric source. I have it listed on my sidebar under "Online Fabulous Fabrics", but go directly to Fresh Squeezed Fabrics here. Finally a fabric source in my neck of the woods! I ordered this fabric on Saturday and it was shipped yesterday. I received it in my mailbox today. Yippeeee! That's service! Anyway, Randi has some beautiful fabrics you can gush over and they are very reasonably priced. Can't wait to order more from her!

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