Monday, January 08, 2018

Adult Children's Christmas Quilts -- Part 5...

Here's the last installment of quilts I made for Christmas for our children and their spouses. These two quilts were for my son Ian and his wife Andi. Andi requested pinks and grays for her quilt. I love the fabrics I bought for Andi. The damask, polka-dot, and swirls are beautiful. They are from Moda's line, "Lily and Will Revisted."

The fabric on the back is from the same line. Those bunnies... {so cute}

Ian chose blue and lime green for his colors. That was a challenge, but I found fabrics from a line designed for Windham called "Desk Job."  Ian spent a lot of time on his schooling and now sits behind a desk, so...

I loved the playfulness of these fabrics, because this kid of mine is nothing if he isn't playful.

That's the end of the show and tell for all the Christmas quilts I made for family members last year. I'm looking forward to getting back to other types of crafts and sewing something other than quilts. However, I'm kind of hooked on quilting now... {an intervention might be in order}.