Thursday, August 09, 2012

Ruffled Burp Cloth Pattern & Tutorial

Last month was such a busy month for me, but I'm finally getting around to publishing my "Ruffled Burp Cloth" Tutorial. This burp cloth is the perfect compliment to my "Ruffled Bib" pattern and my "Maggie the Taggie Owl" pattern. These three items would make a wonderful baby shower gift for a new mother-to-be!

1 - Front pattern piece from 100% cotton fabric
1 - Back pattern piece from 100% cotton, terry cloth or flannel fabric
2 - Strips of 100% cotton fabric 2" x 45" for ruffle
1 - Interfacing from 100% cotton quilt batting -- I recommend "Warm & Natural"

Seam allowance 1/2"

To cut the strips of fabric for the ruffle, simply use a rotary cutter (or yardstick and scissors) and cut two strips of fabric 2" wide and the width of your fabric. (see photo below)

The photo below shows the pattern pieces ready to be sewn...

The Ruffle

1. Sew short ends of one ruffle strip to the short ends of the other ruffle strip - right sides together - to make a continuous circle of fabric. Press seams open.

2. Fold ruffle in half lengthwise and press. There are several ways to distribute the ruffle evenly around the burp cloth. The following is just one of those ways... I distribute the ruffle equally around the front burp cloth pattern piece by dividing the ruffle in quarters and then eighths and pinning it to the front piece. Make sure the fold of the ruffle is toward the center of the burp cloth. (I continue dividing the ruffle up in that manner all around the front pattern piece.)

3. I work with 1/4 of the ruffle at a time and distribute it evenly along the edge of a quarter of the front piece. (see below)

4. Then I sew the ruffle to the front piece 1/8" from the edge to tack it in place.

5. Continue pinning and sewing the ruffle to the front piece in quarter sections until complete...

Attaching Front to Back

6. Now we are going to make a tasty little fabric sandwich with three layers of fabric. First lay the quilt batting piece down. Next, lay the burp cloth front right side up on top of the batting. Finally, lay the burp cloth back right side down on top of the other two pieces. Pin. Sew with a 1/2" seam allowance all the way around the burp cloth leaving a 3" opening on one side of the burp cloth.

7. Trim seams around entire burp cloth to 1/8" -- except at the 3" opening.

8. Pull the burp cloth right side out through the opening and press. Slip-stitch the opening shut by hand. Press again and you're done!

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