Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Lionus" -- a Rag Tag Blanket

Last month I introduced "Maggie the Taggie Owl" a sensory tag blanket for babies. Today I'd like to give you a sneak peak of...

Lionus {pronouced "Linus"} is another sensory tag blanket for infants. He would be the perfect blanket for a little one who roars -- if you know what I mean. Tag blankets have been known to have a calming affect on babies. By interacting with and exploring the different surfaces of the blanket and ribbons, babies senses can be both soothed and stimulated. {"Soothed" being the "operative" word in that sentence.}

Tag blankets were first invented by a woman who noticed that her infant played with the tags of the toys more than the toys themselves. I'm sure we've all been around children who are more fixated on the tag of a blanket than the blanket itself. My first grandchild was like that. The tag on her blanket had to be replaced with a tag from another blanket because she wore out the first. These tag blankets are the perfect gift for a child like that...

I love the full, ribboned, rag-tag mane of Lionus and his sweet, bashful expression...

On Lionus if one ribboned tag wears out there are 44 more to keep little hands busy...

The pattern for Lionus still needs to be tweaked a little. That always happens when I make something for the first time, but overall I'm happy with the results.

I'm going to relax Labor Day weekend, but soon after I'll post the pattern and tutorial for "Lionus -- The Rag-Tag Blanket" for my blog readers. You'll only have 24 hours to request the pattern free of charge, then I'll place the pattern in my Etsy shop -- so stay tuned!

Update to yesterday's post: "Thank you" to all who commented and sent me emails yesterday with words of encouragement. I truly appreciate it. To answer some of your questions, the sites that "scrape" blog posts (or entire blogs) are document-sharing websites that allow users to post documents of various formats, and embed them into a web page. When I contacted the site (Scribd) where my posts and patterns had been published and informed them of the copyright infringement, the posts were removed within 24 hours, and they sent this message:

The documents listed above were added to Scribd's copyright management system automatically upon removal from the site. This system makes encoded digital "fingerprints" of the copyrighted works and stores them in a database that's inaccessible to the public. New uploads to the site are checked against the encoded "fingerprints" in our copyright system. If there's a significant match, the content is removed from Scribd.

So... the chances of those same posts being scraped and placed on this website a second time is slim, but that doesn't discourage people from lifting different posts on my blog and downloading them to this same site or others. Look  here under "Criticism" for some interesting reading.

I found out that my posts had been lifted after reading about other people having their posts confiscated in this way. I decided to "google" some of my more popular posts and found them on this site. I think by having my readers email me for my patterns, it will discourage this kind of copyright infringement.

A little FYI -- I consider it a compliment when other bloggers refer their readers to my blog by posting a picture of something I've created and linking it to my blog. I had several people who had done that show concern yesterday. To be featured on another blog is an honor. I also love it when people post their own creations from my patterns on their blog and then have the courtesy to link to my blog -- so nice! If you have a question, simply refer to my "Copyright Policy" on the sidebar of my blog. ;o)

Thanks again for your encouraging words. I don't let these kinds of things bother me for long. After my rant yesterday I was "done" with it! ;o) Have a great day!