Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday...

Temps in the 100's for weeks on end may have put corn crops in other parts of the country in difficult circumstances, but in Colorado we've seen bumper crops of heat-loving fruits and veggies. Warmer than usual weather has produced crops that are at least two weeks ahead of their usual production schedule. Our fruit trees have certainly benefited from the hot weather and the rain that we {thankfully} received in July.

Last night we had just enough time before it began sprinkling, to pick our first bowl of these luscious apples. I'll turn this batch into applesauce, and this weekend I'll make some into a homemade apple pie. This variety is "Granny Smith" so it's perfect for cooking and baking. Delicious!

I love having fruit trees and a veggie garden in our yard. There's something wonderful about stepping outside and picking a bowl of fresh fruit or vegetables. The difference in taste and texture between fresh produce and produce we buy in the stores is enormous!

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