Saturday, May 01, 2010

Canister loveliness...

A month ago I mentioned I was in the process of redecorating bedroom #3. I told you about this gorgeous desk that I found for $14.99 at Goodwill that would fit perfectly in the room. Look at the detail on this baby girl. She's just adorable...

She's been sitting in my garage for the last month awaiting renovation. I don't like to strip paint indoors, so I've had to wait until the temperatures have climbed enough that icicles won't form on the edge of my nose as I work on her. Today is the designated day to strip away all that gloppy paint. I might have chosen to paint her the same aqua color had the color blended with the room. I thought the pale turquoise suited her, but it isn't a color I'm using in the room, so it's coming off. I'll post more about this beauty and do a big reveal when I've got her all gussied up.

Meanwhile, when I was at the flea market the other day and purchased all that gorgeous string, my eyes lit upon some pale pink floss in a glass canister. I thought it was lovely, but I passed it by because I couldn't imagine where it would fit in my home. It played on my mind the next 12 hours, until I thought of this bedroom redo #3 and the desk. Perhaps it would fit nicely as an accent on the desk? Or the dresser? Surely I could find a place for the pink filled canister in that room with its shades of pinks and greens. The next day I rushed over to the market and snatched her up before anyone else could. So glad I did. Here she is with a few other things I've picked up for the room...

The metal container and flowers were bought at Real Deals. I'm a walking advertisement for that store. I should get a commission or at the very least a gift card or a lifetime discount!

I also bought a vinyl wall decal to put in this room. I have plans for putting that up today too. My husband is home, and I figured he could help me. I hope it goes well. About 27 years ago we wallpapered a room together, and after that experience we vowed never to wallpaper together again. Let's just say it wasn't marriage strengthening and leave it at that. We've learned there are some things (wallpapering and tiling) best left undone in order to maintain a healthy relationship. Putting up a decal promises to be a little easier than putting up wallpaper. Wish us luck. We're going on 33 years now, and I'd hate our relationship to be taken down by a flimsy piece of vinyl. ;o)

Happy Weekending!

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