Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Planting Raspberries in Containers on Bloomin' Tuesday...

Like most people, I love raspberries. However, in the past when my husband has suggested we plant some raspberry bushes I've been less than enthusiastic. I've seen cases where berry plants have taken over a yard. They seem to have a voracious appetite for spreading and shooting up canes where they are least wanted.

About a month ago my son suggested we plant some raspberry bushes in containers. We researched the subject and decided this might be the answer to the dilemma of curbing the invasive nature of raspberries in our yard.

By planting them in containers, the plants won't be able to invade areas outside the container with their underground lateral roots, so you can keep the plants more manageable. 

We chose large containers -- 20" in diameter -- to give the roots as much room as possible. Because we live in a cold climate (Colorado, USA), we decided to plant the containers in the ground to keep the roots from freezing in the winter.

From what I've read the raspberry plants might need to be replaced every five years or so when they reside in a container, but that's more reasonable to me than having to constantly curtail the growth of the plant.

I don't think we'll get any raspberries this year, but next year we are sure to have some delicious fruit!