Sunday, March 03, 2013

Thankful Thoughts...

What surprised me this week?

Tuesday morning we awoke to a snowstorm. On rare occasions in the winter, I'll look outside the window and see a swarm of birds perched in our trees.

Usually they are robins dressed in their cherry-red finery, but there are often little finches among the congregation as well.  Tuesday, with the snow coming down, the birds started to gather. I stood at my second-story bedroom window looking out at the branches of our tree just outside the window. As I looked I noticed one bird, just a few feet from the window pane, that seemed totally out of place amongst all the fat red robins. It looked like a yellow cardinal, with a bright yellow body and a little tuft on its head.

It was gorgeous. As I stood looking at it, it cocked his head and stared back. This sunshiny yellow bird made me smile, and I as I admired it I had a feeling of hope and happiness wash over me. I've done a little research and apparently this bird is extremely rare. I believe it was sent to me on this cold wintery day as a sign of hope and good things to come. I'm grateful.