Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thankful Thoughts...

What moved me this week?

My brother came home from the hospital this week. He'd been in the intensive care unit of the hospital for more than a month recovering from a very serious at-home fall. We'd been told that it would be weeks before he was released from the hospital, but in one week he improved dramatically and was released from the hospital. I'm grateful, and I was moved by the prayers of loved ones and strangers who felt compelled to pray {and fast} for him. This last year our family has become well aware of the strength and spiritual benefits found in prayer and fasting. I'm so grateful he is further along on his road to recovery.

What surprised me this week?

I love the first signs of Spring ... warmer temperatures, rain showers, bright green blades of new grass, crocuses peeking through the soil. Yesterday morning we awoke to birds chirping. Earlier in the week I'd notice two birds nest building in a little pine tree just outside our front door. As I sat at my computer in our study yesterday morning, I heard quite a racket outside the window. When I opened my front door and peeked out, this little guy greeted me...

 He's one of the nest builders that was busy this week.
I think this birdie's sweet song is going to be a welcome surprise every morning this Spring!