Thursday, March 14, 2013

Succulent Terrarium...

Tuesday I published a post about my container garden filled with succulents that were planted free of charge at Home Depot. Today I'm going to show you the terrarium I made for our family room end table.

Succulents are becoming increasingly popular for two very simple reasons: they are gorgeous and almost indestructible. Succulents store water in their leaves, stems or roots. They have adapted to survive in desert landscapes, which have resulted in an unusual variety of leaf forms and shapes. I love succulents because the more you ignore them, the hardier they become, so when we leave on short trips or vacations we don't have to worry about finding someone to care for them.

Last week I bought the following items:

Glass Bowl {6.5" top opening; 10" at widest point @ Michaels}
Tiny River Rocks {@ Michaels}
Three larger succulents (3" pot @ Home Depot)
Two smaller succulents (2" pot @ Home Depot)
Potting soil {previously purchased}

I purchased all this for under $20, using an online coupon from Michaels and taking advantage of a 50% off sale on the river rocks. 

I tried to choose a variety of shapes, sizes and colors of succulents for the terrarium.

I put a thin layer of the river rocks into the bottom of the glass bowl for drainage {not particularly necessary in this case -- I'm just used to doing this when I plant containers}, then layered the soil and planted the succulents. Another layer of the river rocks can be placed on top of the soil. Don't over water. If the water puddles at the bottom of the bowl, you are watering waaaay too much. When you water the plants the soil should just barely get damp. A little water goes a long way for these plants. You can let the soil get bone dry between watering.

I like to place terrariums on top of wood pieces because they are a little more contained, and I don't have to worry about water spilling onto the wood table when I water the plants. I placed mine by a window that will give the plants a lot of natural light. In the evening I light the room with the lamp above it.

These plants should do well in this sunny location and fill the terrarium.