Sunday, February 17, 2013

Thankful Thoughts...

What moved me this week?

I expect family to pull together in emergencies, but it warms my heart all the same. My favorite expression of this is when loved ones unite in prayer for a common blessing. The last couple of years our family has become more and more acquainted with this experience. Collectively we've petitioned the Lord much on behalf of different family members in need. I've grown to appreciate -- even more -- the power of prayer and the strength and positive influence one can feel through the Spirit from the prayers of others. I'm grateful that members of our family understand this gospel principle and take advantage of this blessing daily.

This week I was moved by the prayers of strangers. When my mother's LDS bishop (leader of their congregation) heard the news that my brother had been in an accident, he called my mother and asked permission to go visit him in the hospital. My brother doesn't live within the boundaries of this bishop's congregation, however, this good man took it upon himself to travel some distance to visit and bestow a priesthood blessing on my brother. I'm grateful. In another instance a good friend of my mother's, who had never met my brother, felt prompted to visit him in the hospital. While there she prayed for him, his family and all those attending him. It was obvious to those present that her prayer calmed and comforted my brother. Again, I'm grateful. 

What surprised me this week? 

We got the surprising news this week that my daughter and her husband sold their current home and bought a new home. All this was great news, except for the fact that they will be homeless for about 2 1/2 months between the time they move out of their current dwelling and close on their new one. What will they do during that two month period? Move in with us of course! Never mind that they live 500 miles away. They will have the opportunity to have an extended vacation in the Rocky Mountains, and we'll have the opportunity to be around our grandkids 24/7! It's a win/win situation. They even worked it out so that my son-in-law will be able to work from our home every other week. My husband and I are busy plotting and planning all the fun we'll have while they're here!