Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thankful Thoughts...

What inspired me this week?

Since Christmas I've been in a little creative slump. I've been busy and preoccupied by a number of typical life situations. This happens and it isn't anything I've worried about. I knew the inspiration would come when things settled down a bit. 

A couple of weeks ago I joined a gym, and I've been working out in the mornings ever since. I love this particular gym because it has a long row of big screen TVs, and one TV is always tuned to HGTV. I love the remake shows that take a room from a dilapidated, outdated space into a beautifully fresh and functional room. This week as I {huffing and puffing} glided away on the elliptical, I felt my creative inspiration fire up. Often, other people's work inspires my creativity. I can see a project created by someone else and visualize how to change it to apply to our needs or wants. I now have a list of several to do projects that I'm excited about.

What surprised me this week?

Last Sunday I was visiting some favorite blogs when I came upon this post at Somewhat Simple. Stephanie had created a lively free printable with the following words which John H. Groberg stated in his book, "The Other Side of Heaven."

Sometimes God calms the storm. 
Sometimes He lets the storm rage and He calms His child.

I loved the message {and graphics} of the printable, so I immediately printed it off and hung it up. 

A few days later I was surprised when I got some news that no one ever wants to receive. My brother had been in a terrible at-home accident involving a fall and, as a result, a "storm" was raging. Since then my mind has gone back to that beautiful quote many times, and it has brought comfort to my soul. I know those words to be true, because I've lived them many times. I'm grateful that in situations like this I can lean on Him, and He will bring me the peace and calm that I desire. My brother has stabilized, but the situation is still very serious, and he has a long road ahead of him. I imagine that quote will become a mantra in our lives for the next few months. Prayers are always appreciated.

my brother :: me :: my sister
This is one of my favorite pictures of the three of us.
It says more about our respective personalities than you can ever imagine.