Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tag Blanket Pattern & Tutorial

After offering my "Maggie the Taggie Owl" pattern to the faithful readers of my blog for several weeks free of charge, I am now offering the pattern in my Etsy store for the reasonable price of $7. For that charge I will send you the pattern in a PDF document and this blog post will be used for the assembly instructions.

Last week I mentioned that I'd be making a couple more items to accompany the Ruffled Bib I'd made as a gift for a new arrival. Today I'd like to introduce you to one of those accessories...

Tag blankets are a wonderful gift for a new little one.

Tag blankets were first invented by a woman who noticed that her infant played with the tags of the toys more than the toys themselves. Being an early childhood teacher, she took that idea and made a blanket. I think we've all seen babies that are more fixated on the tag of a blanket than the blanket itself. This is the perfect gift for that child...

By interacting with and exploring the different surfaces of the blanket and ribbons, babies senses are both soothed and stimulated.

"Maggie the Taggie Owl" is a cornucopia of different fabrics and textures. Her body is made of flannel  (tummy), felt (eyes & beak), cotton (face), microsuede (forehead and wings), and a soft, cuddly faux fur covers her backside. Grosgrain and satin ribbon in 1 1/2 inch lengths surround her wings. Ric-Rac decorates her tummy.

Those goofy googly crossed eyes add to her appeal...

A handmade sensory tag blanket can easily be made from a square piece of fabric and about a yard of ribbon, but I wanted to customize something special for our new little granddaughter due in November. I hope it will both entertain and comfort her...

Now for the ...

a.) Cut out all the pattern pieces and applique them onto the body in the following order:

1. forehead
2. beak
3. large eye
4. medium eye
5. small eye
6.) tummy 
7.) ric-rac
8. wings

For a tutorial on how to applique on fabrics, go here.

b.) Cut a variety of ribbons into 4" lengths, fold them in half and pin them to the sides
of the wings with the ribbon toward the tummy of the bird (see below).
Attach the ribbon by sewing 1/8" from the edge around the wings...

c.) Using a 1/2" seam allowance, sew front to back, right sides together,
leaving a 4" opening in the bottom of the owl.

Turn the owl right side out and slip stitch the opening shut. 
Top-stitch all around the owl 1/4" from the edge.
Final measurements including tags: 14" x 14"
You've got an adorable tag blanket that will  pique your child's curiosity and lull them to sleep!

 Please visit my 
Etsy Store 
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