Monday, July 16, 2012

Ruffled Bib Tutorial and Pattern...

After offering my "Ruffled Bib" pattern to the faithful readers of my blog for several weeks free of charge, I am now offering the pattern in my Etsy store for the reasonable price of $5. For that charge I will send you the pattern in a PDF document and this blog post will be used for the assembly instructions.

Last week I introduced a new creation -- the "Ruffled Bib!"

Today I will demonstrate how to make these little-girl bibs. This pattern is a quick and easy sewing project -- just follow the simple instructions below. At the end of the post you will discover how you can request the pattern. As you can see from the photo above, one can make a variety of bibs using the same cotton fabric or contrasting fabrics. 

  • Cut two "front side panels" from any 100% cotton fabric
  • Cut one "front middle panel" from any 100% cotton fabric
  • Cut one "bib back" from any 100 % cotton fabric
  • Cut two strips of 100% cotton fabric 2" x 14" for the ruffle
  • Cut one "bib back" from 100% cotton quilt batting (I recommend "Warm & Natural")
  • Three itty-bitty buttons
  • Thread
  • Snap (Option: Velcro)
  • Note: Seam allowances change throughout the project, so pay special attention to that detail.

  • Before you begin sewing:

    1.) Preparing the ruffle: Fold the 2" x 14" pieces in half lengthwise and press. Then make tiny marks (or mark with a pin) on the unfinished edges of the strips  3.5", 7" and 10.5" from one end (see below). The markings on the ruffle divide the ruffle into quarters, which will enable you to distribute the fabric evenly on the front side panels.

    The Ruffle: 

    1.)  Pin unfinished edge of ruffle to front side panel at both ends. Place the middle of the ruffle (the 7" mark) at the middle of the side panel, distribute the fabric evenly at the 3.5" and 10.5" marks.

    2.) Very important... Make sure the top folded edge of the ruffle meets the edge of the side panel as shown with the arrow in the photo below...

    3.) Continue distributing the fabric evenly. Don't be afraid to use a lot of pins -- this will make tiny little tucks which will be more appealing than larger ruffles.

    4.) When you are finished pinning the ruffle to the side panel you can either sew a straight line 1/4" from the edge of the seam to tack the ruffle in place, or, if you are a more accomplished sewer,  you can simply lay the middle panel over the ruffle and pins and pin all three layers together and sew. If you keep the pins in place on the ruffle, sew the layers together very slowly to avoid breaking your sewing machine needle. ;o)

    5.) Use a 1/2 inch seam allowance to sew the middle panel to the ruffle and side panel.

    6.) Remove all the pins and press the seam toward the middle panel...

    7.) Repeat steps 1-6 to complete the second ruffle and side panel. Then stay-stitch around the neck 1/8" from edge (as illustrated below) to tack the ruffle and seams in place...

    8.) The front of your bib is complete...

    Attaching front to back: 

    1.) Now we are going to make a tasty bib sandwich with three layers of fabric. First lay the "quilt batting bib back" down. Next, lay the "bib front" right side up on top of the batting. Finally, lay the "bib back" right side down on top of the "bib front."

    2.) Using a 1/4" seam allowance sew all around the bib, leaving an opening (about 3 inches) at the bottom of the bib. Trim seams to 1/8" around entire bib -- except at the 3 inch opening.

    2.) Turn the bib right side out through the opening in the bottom of the bib and press. Slip-stitch the opening shut by hand.

    Finishing touches:

    1.) Sew little buttons onto the front of the bib approximately 1" from the top of the bib and 1" apart.

    2.) Attach snap according to package instructions to the ends of the bib. (Option: Velcro can also be used.)