Thursday, July 12, 2012

New "Ruffled Bib" ...

Last year was what we commonly refer to as "The Baby Boom" in our family. Four grandbabies were born -- one in the winter, one in June, one in July and one in August! It was a happy time for our family and a busy time for me as I created a variety of baby items for those little ones. One of my creations was the "Pocket Bib". Since that time I've had many requests for that pattern, which I'm happy to offer free of charge. Many grandmothers request this pattern, but more often than not the requests come from younger women who finds themselves surrounded by peers about to deliver. They especially seem to appreciate ideas that are cute and affordable!

This week I began dreaming once again. We have another grandbaby -- a little girl -- due in November, and I wanted to make some special things just for her! This "Ruffled Bib" pattern is one of the things I dreamed up...

I love bold bright colors, but sometimes I yearn for the tiny pastel little-girl prints that have a more vintage feel. I also adore tiny little ruffles and baby buttons...

Next week I will offer this pattern to my readers -- along with a detailed tutorial.

At that time I'll also explain how to make two other items
that you might want to pair with these Ruffled Bibs
-- a "Ruffled-Edged Burp Cloth" and a "Tiny Tag Blanket."

Till then -- have a great day!