Thursday, March 08, 2012

Colors chosen...

A few days ago I asked for some suggestions for an accent color(s) for my new bathroom. I really appreciate the response I received. It love reading what others suggest. It usually takes me out of my comfort zone which expands my horizons a bit. There was one suggestion that really delighted and surprised me. It's not a color that has ever been on my radar when decorating our home, but it's a color that I love.

Eggplant Purple

Fortunately, the color that I love most with eggplant purple is Mossy Green. Last year I reconstructed a wreath as a wall hanging for this bathroom, and although I wasn't set on continuing to use it in the new room, once I chose eggplant as an accent color I knew it would fit well. I hung it on the wall behind the vanity.

Here's the finished product. The little etched recycled glass vase is from Pottery Barn -- so pretty -- with a hint of green. That little "lump" at its base is a birdie.

Just a little touch of both colors -- eggplant and moss -- very botanical! My mantra this year is "d-clutter," so I didn't fill the room with things.

Next week I'll be getting back to sewing. I'm so excited for several projects that I plan on sharing in the next couple of weeks!