Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday

I can't believe it's the end of March and I'm already publishing a Bloomin' Tuesday post! Seventy plus degree weather seems to bring out the best in trees and plants. We've had a warming trend for the last several weeks -- temps in the 70's and bright sunshiny days -- which is gorgeous spring weather that is somewhat unusual for this time of year. Granted Colorado weather is delightful much of the time, but average temps are closer to the 60's in March than the high 70's. As a result this year the trees and bushes are budding unusually early...

 {Peach Tree} 

As much as I love these beautiful blossoms at night we're still awfully close to freezing temps. Fruit is unlikely this year since they are budding so early. We didn't get any peaches last year for the same reason. I love peaches, so I'll hold some positive thoughts. The pear tree is also showing off...

{Pear Tree}

Typically our lilac bushes are in their element throughout the month of May. If the warm weather keeps up we'll have a centerpiece of lilacs on our table for Easter. Lilacs are one of my favorite cut flowers. I love their spring green leaves, their deep purple flowers, the way they drape over a vase, and their gorgeous fragrance!


Even the Pansies and the Primroses are in flaunting mode...


 {Primroses - above & below}

Spring is definitely in the air!

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