Friday, March 16, 2012

Etsy Shop News...

Thanks to the readers who took advantage of the free 24 hour headband pattern give-away on my blog yesterday. More than 100 readers received the free pattern, which made me really happy!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I would be revising my Etsy shop a bit. Yesterday I spent the day restocking shelves. Currently, my "Fabric Flower Headband Pattern" is in stock waiting to be purchased by anyone interested for the cost of $3!

I often receive emails asking if I am going to be selling ready-made items from free patterns and tutorials I've published on my blog. This request usually comes from those who don't know how to sew. I haven't done a lot of that in the past, but yesterday I made room for 10 already-made Fabric Flower Headbands. I've priced them very competitively, and with the purchase of a headband the buyer can receive the pattern free of charge! Sweet little deal if you ask me.

Also included in my Etsy are some "Snap Trap Wallets for Children!" These items are perfect for the little man or woman in your life. It's an ideal wallet for a child with lots of valuables and treasures!

Last but not least, I've included some "Bunting Cosmetic Bags" in the store. I love these beautiful and fresh little bags. This bunting bag might be the perfect gift for a mother on Mother's Day ... {just sayin'}

In the coming weeks more items will be placed on the shelves, but I feel good about the start I've made in updating my Etsy. I've tried to make and price items that won't break the bank for the buyer.  Hopefully I've accomplished that!

Today I'm going to be creating a little softie bunny for Easter for our grandbabies. I hope it turns out. If it does I'll share it with you next week!