Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lil' Girl Springtime Tote Tutorial

Here's the tutorial I promised yesterday for the Lil' Girl Springtime Tote. When finished this tote measure 6.5 inches wide x 8 inches tall x 3 inches deep with 13 inch straps. Just the right size for storing all kinds of little girl treasures. It can even be used as a scripture tote. You will need the following materials:

Tote front:
1 - 6"x11" muslin
1 - 2"x11" cotton fabric
1 - 5"x11" cotton fabric

Tote Back:
1 - 11"x11" cotton fabric

2 - 11"x11" cotton fabric

2 - 3.5"x14" cotton fabric

Fusible Fleece Interfacing:
2 - 3/4" x 14"
2 - 11"x11"

General Information: 1/2" seams unless otherwise indicated.

Assemble as followed. (Photos are numbered to coincide with the corresponding step.)

1.) Cut out fabrics as indicated.

2.) Fold straps in half lengthwise. Press.
3.) Fold strap edges toward center fold. Press.
4.) Insert 3/4"x 14" fusible fleece into strap. Close strap along fold lines and press to attach fusible fleece.
5.) Topstitch strap 1/8" from both edges.

6.) You should have two 1"x14" straps completed.

7.) Pin 11" sides of front strips together and sew, making sure the 2" strip is in the center. Press seams toward darkest fabric and topstitch 1/4" from seams on cotton fabric.

8.) With an iron attach 11"x11" fusible fleece to wrong side of front tote as directed by instructions on fusible fleece.

9.) With iron attach 11"x11" fusible fleece to wrong side of back tote as directed by instructions on fusible fleece.

10.) On front of tote mark with pins where you want your "stem" to be sewn (about 1 1/2" from contrasting fabric).

11.) Sew a straight line with green thread using pins as a guide to create "stem."

12.) Pin straps to tote front and back, right sides together. Straps should be 2 1/2" from outside edge...

13.) ...and approximately 4" apart. Baste straps to tote front and back.

14.) Sew front to back along side and bottom seam lines.

15.) Sew front lining to back lining along side and bottom seam lines making sure to leave a 3" hole on the bottom seam of the lining.

16.) To make boxed corners, fold bottom corners of tote and lining as shown below. Draw a line 3" across.
17.) Stitch along your drawn line.

18.) We're almost there, gang! Trim and zig-zag boxed seams on tote and lining. Turn lining right side out as shown below.

19.) Place lining inside tote with right sides together. Pin top seams together and sew along seam line.

20. ) Carefully pull the tote and tote lining through the hole in bottom of the the tote lining. On right side of tote lining sew the hole shut.

21.) Tuck the tote lining into the tote. Pin top edge flat and topstitch top of tote. Press.

22.) Place a couple of books inside the tote to make the tote rigid as you attach flower. Make flower using this tutorial. Glue flower to tote using fabric glue and let dry. When glue is dry, press tote again being careful not to touch the hot iron to the synthetic flower.

23.) Present this adorable lil' tote to an adorable lil' girl of your choice!

Up close & personal...

If you make a "Lil' Girl Springtime Tote" and create a post about it, please send me an email or make a comment on my blog so I can visit your blog to see your project! If you make these totes with the intention to sell them, please change them up a little so your product and mine (since I will sell these in my Etsy shop) aren't identical. That, my friend, would be very much appreciated! ;o)

You can see more of these Lil' Girl Springtime Totes by going here.

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