Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Finally, Bedroom Redo #2

It's time for a reveal. I finished the window coverings for our Bedroom Redo #2 last week, so I can finally post a few pictures. This room wasn't a total redo. You can read the preliminary post here. No new furniture was needed. I only painted the bottom half of the walls because the paint on the top half of the walls was pristine. Then I added some new bed linens and a few small pieces throughout the room, including the pillows I made -- favorites to be sure! I also made some shams that I told you about yesterday.

A little background... All our children are grown and have left home, so all four of our "extra" bedrooms are guest bedrooms now. My intent for a guest room is to keep it simple. I like a few homey touches, but I prefer just a few items on surfaces so the room doesn't feel cluttered when guests move in and unpack all their essentials!

I'm slightly uncomfortable with how much blue is in the room. It feels predominantly blue -- perhaps a little too blue. I'm going to live with it for awhile, but I may change the paint on the bottom half of the wall. I'm just a little unsettled with it. I am happy with the shams that I made yesterday. They help to break up the all blue bedding. A component that I do like about the room is that it feels very "restful." It's a room you can relax in. Very calming and tranquil. I like that in a bedroom.

Please excuse my photos. My camera does not know the first thing about taking a decent indoor photo when there is lousy light. The whole reason we bought this camera was because it was supposed to have an IQ above 160. Its genius was greatly exaggerated. Now that I'm done ranting, let's start with a panorama of the room...

My very most favorite thing in the whole wide room are the window coverings. I love them. This beautiful Tanya Whelan fabric is from her collection, Dolce. The shade of teal in this fabric is dreamy. I love the art deco/asian motif in this line. It takes you back to a more glamorous time, yet the collection has a fresh modern color palette. Generally I'm not a sucker for florals, but the fabrics in this line are the exception to that rule...

I purchased a few inexpensive decorative items in California and Colorado. I found this pretty birdie tray in California at Pier 1 Imports and hauled it home. I was looking for something just like this to place on the dresser for my kids to put their keys and misc items on when they are visiting. I'm picky about scratches on my furniture. In short, I don't like them, so I try to make it avoidable by giving them a "place for everything."

I bought the "home sweet home" birdie wall plaque (below) at Real Deals. They live up to their name. Do you notice I am developing a theme?

Yup, birds. One can't help but develop that theme this year because birds are everywhere! I've never seen so many feathered friends. Alfred Hitchcock would be proud. I also bought the nest and birds below at Real Deals -- along with that awesome ceramic teal vase. The vase is my second mostest favorite thing in the whole room -- it was $14!

And finally, before you get completely tweetered out. I found this mug at Pottery Barn for under $10. I filled it with a little moss and some greenery I had on hand. (My third most favorite thing -- the mug.) See the little birdie perched on the handle -- goodness that's cute. I try to keep a little bowl filled with goodies for our guests next to the bed. Who wouldn't want a Snickers right before they nod off?

Oh dang. I forgot. The pillows are favorites too -- and the shams. I'm not sure where I rate them, but they are definitely on the list.

So, what do you think? Too much blue? Too many birds? Should I throw a great big orange chair in the corner and place a hungry cat on it to give the room some balance? Let me know what you think, but please be kind.

Have a great day!