Saturday, March 13, 2010

New wristlet pattern...

Sometimes, late at night, in those few quiet moments before I drift off to sleep I come up with an idea that I can't wait to implement the next day. This morning I hopped out of bed at 6:13 am because last night before going to sleep I dreamed up a new pattern for a clutch that I couldn't wait to try out.

First attempts are just that -- first attempts. They never quite meet my expectations, but I learn from them and then go on to tweak the pattern and make it more of what I want it to be.

Overall, I'm happy with this new pattern, but I'll be putting a strap on her and giving her a little padding in all the right places via some fleece interfacing. For the woman who thinks less is more, she can use it alone as a clutch to carry a little cash, a debit card, and her license. Or, for the woman who believes in being prepared for every eventuality, she can use it in her purse to organize her accessories.

Look forward to a give-away next week featuring the adaptions to this new pattern.

Have a nice weekend!