Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thankful Thursday...

What surprised me this week?
This week I received so many kind, thoughtful comments of encouragement on my blog. We all feel this way, so I know you'll understand it when I say that it both surprised and delighted me. Thank you so much for taking a little time to respond to one or more of my posts. It was appreciated.

What inspired me this week?
I hope I can verbalize these feelings adequately... For several weeks now I have been inspired by those who can take items of seemingly little worth or value and transform these pieces into objects of beauty. I've been captivated by many individuals on blogs who have truly learned the art of taking a worn, useless object and altering it to become serviceable and something of merit. Their abilities to create, repurpose, and reuse are inspiring.

As I was contemplating these projects the other day, I was given a little insight into another application of the principle of "repurposing." At the time I was reading the Bible detailing Christ's life and ministry. I was led to recognize Jesus' innate ability to acknowledge and show concern for those individuals of seemingly little worth or value in society. In most cases, through his ministrations, those individuals were changed and their lives repurposed. Because Jesus acknowledged their individual worth in his eyes, by demonstrating faith they became someone of value in their own eyes. Thus, they were able to repurpose and change their lives. Miraculous transformations, to be sure. Christ's life and teachings transformed many who witnessed him. I am grateful and inspired by His ability and willingness to transform me and my life.

What moved me this week?
This quick message moved me this week. It's a wonderful reminder of the potential and desire we all have to create...