Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday

What moved me this week?
Easy. My husband. He's been in Germany all week. The day he left our dishwasher stopped functioning. This situation wouldn't be that critical, but because of the flooding we experienced a few weeks ago, we are on a time-schedule for the renovations. When this happened I immediately missed my husband. I count on him to be in on the decision making processes of purchasing an appliance. He's smart as a whip and he knows all about amps and volts and electronics and decibel levels. I'm not trying to be a ditsy female here, but generally speaking the only qualification that I look for in an appliance is the overall appearance and the color. Anyway, he wasn't as "reachable" as he usually is and I missed not being able to call him a billion times as I worked through the heady responsibility of figuring out which dishwasher to purchase. What moved me was that each time we were able to talk he was so kind and understanding of the situation and my frustration. He encouraged me and was grateful for the hours I put in researching the possibilities. He helped my anxiety dissipate. For this and so many other reasons I am so grateful he is in my life.

What surprised me this week?

Because of the above mentioned problemo I needed someone to come by the house this week and pull up some of the oak flooring in front of my dishwasher. I called my contact at the flooring store that is refinishing my floors next month and the young man said he would be happy to come out and take a look at it. He came by and within a matter of minutes had the boards pulled up. He didn't ask for or want compensation. What a wonderful display of generosity and kindness.

What inspired me this week?
You. Often I am inspired by my blogging friends. This week was a hectic one and so I occasionally came to my computer and to your blogs to get a little inspiration. When I go to your sights I often come away uplifted. I see beautiful photos of things and people. I read insightful posts that help broaden my perspectives. I hear about inspiring people who are overcoming obstacles with grace and wisdom. I laugh out loud and occasionally shed a tear. Yup, you are all an inspiration to me!