Saturday, November 22, 2008

"Christmas Dreams" Giveaway Results -- Tote-ally Awesome!

A big "thank you" for all those who participated in this month's Give-Away / Give-Away. I loved this contest. It seemed appropriate to have a Give-Away / Give-Away during this time of the year! It was wonderful to be able to read all the kind words you had to say about the special person in your life who would have been presented the tote had your name been picked. Many of your comments tugged at my heart. It's times like this that I wish this little enterprise of mine was bigger than a one woman operation! I would have liked to have given a tote to each of your special someones! I used a random number generator (very official) to pick the winner this time. On to the presenting...

"Christmas Dreams" goes to Jennie, the sister of ... Omgirl! Apparently Jennie likes patterns of all kinds, so this dreamy tote is right up her alley! Merry Christmas!

But wait ... What have we here? Why, there's a second Hang Up!

Let's get that number generator hooked up again. I'll have to send this one to ... Cindy F.'s friend. That's right! I'm pleased to be able to send this one to Cindy's friend who is going to "start chemo in December." I hope this tote helps put a smile on her face.

Ohhh my. You've got to be kidding? A third bag... That number generator is starting to heat up!

This third bag will find a home with Kisa's BBF, Jenny, who is apparently a fan of my totes! Enjoy!

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas!