Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

What surprised me this week?
This one is easy to answer. Someone bought a tote. In fact two someones did. This was a big surprise because since the economic downturn I hadn't sold anything. Don't get me wrong, generally I have kind of a lackadaisical attitude toward selling my ware. I figured if things didn't sell I would just give them away for Christmas presents to those I know and love. However, my inventory was growing to such an extent that I was going to have to give them to relations several times removed and possibly even total strangers, so I was happy to be able to have a couple taken off my hands! ;o)

What moved me or touched me this week?
Gracie and Dani are two of my little friends. They are sisters -- Gracie being the eldest at 6 years and Dani being 4 years. Last night I came upon them entertaining another little friend. They were both hunkered over Brooklyn's car seat babbling tender baby talk to their 6 month old friend. Bent in the middle -- bottoms in the air -- faces inches away from the baby. Their dainty fingers drawing circles on and stroking Brooklyn's chubby little cheeks. I've seen this scenario countless times with my own children, with my grandchildren, and many others. The tenderness of a child is a wonderful thing.

What inspired me this week?
I admire realists who are optimistic. Let me explain...if I can. Sprinkled in amongst the general population are people who have the uncanny ability to see things as they really are, yet they always remain hopeful and upbeat. Someone I know and love is like this. Our family receives an email from him weekly. In these emails he occasionally relates what most would perceive as a discouraging experience. Instead of getting down or discouraged, he seems to have the exceptional ability to look beyond these temporary setbacks and envision the good that can happen in spite the current circumstances. I admire this. This kind of attitude seems to give a person the energy required to make things happen regardless of their circumstance. It's inspiring.