Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Refinishing an Oak Pedestal Game Table... {Part 5}

This is the final blog post about our Oak Pedestal Game Table refinish. This has been such a great project. If you'd like to read the previous posts, just click on:

We finished the table last week by anchoring the top to the bottom (screws), placing the new area rug, and by assembling the chairs. I'd found these chairs on a while back and loved them, but when I visited my daughter's home a couple of months ago, she had the the bar stool version of the chairs and seeing them in person sealed the deal. I also made a centerpiece to add a little color when we're not using it...

I love how the chairs play off the table -- both with caramel/chocolate tops and black bases. Plus I like mixing the traditional style table with the mid-century style chairs. It makes for a fun combination...

I chose an 8'x10' Amazon rug for the space. I have this same rug in a smaller size in the TV area of the loft (see top in photo). I tried another rug first, but it competed with the one I already had too much, so I settled on this one.

Once again I love the top of this table. The quarter sawn wood is absolutely beautiful. The striations are so unusual. It's what makes this table unique.

From the top of the table to the bottom -- the casters -- it's beautiful! And... need I remind you, we bought it for $50. I probably spent at least $50 on supplies to refinish it, but now that I have those supplies I can use them on multiple projects.

When we first moved into our house we wondered what we could do with this space. It's a large loft with railings on either side {no "walls"}, so it's kind of unique. We thought about a grand piano, except we don't play the piano. {That idea was short lived.} Then I thought of a game table. We loved the idea of having a designated space for games -- rather than a dining table. I scoured all the furniture stores nearby to no avail. Most of the tables were expensive and poorly made. That's when I went to Facebook Marketplace and found this beauty after about 5 days of searching! I fell in love immediately.

We initiated the table last Saturday night with a few games of Kings in the Corner. It was a big success!

Wishing you a wonderful day!