Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bloomin' Tuesday...

I hope you a nice Memorial Day weekend. It was a great weekend for us. The weekend started with more rain and cooler weather, but by Monday it was a little warmer and drier, so we were able to plant half of our little veggie garden. We opted for lots of tomatoes this year -- six plants -- which should provide us with all we need and enough to share with family and neighbors.

I've notice in my garden that too much of a good thing (rain) can wear on some of the plants. The grass is waterlogged and my impatiens look a trifle pale, but the hostas have loved the rain. I love this beautiful broad leafed plant that grows well in the shade. As if their broad variegated leaves aren't enough, toward the end of the summer they shoot up a beautiful blue blossom.

The rain has also given our spruce trees a huge boost. All over town you can see the vibrant new growth on these trees.

This week I hope to show you a sewing project that has gone on for some time now. Our son is getting married in August, and his bride and I have been making some fun "picnic" blankets for all the guests. I'll share with you a few of the finished (or not so finished) blankets soon. So far... all 40 of the tops of the blankets are completed.