Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bloomin' Tuesday... errr, Wednesday

Waterlogged. That's the only way to describe my garden at the moment. Last week we had a reprieve before we got hit with the current deluge, so during that dry spell I planted containers and garden plants. Yesterday I was lugging those pots into my garage and covering up garden annuals so they wouldn't freeze to death. Heaven knows, they are already exhausted from dog paddling for days trying to keep their little heads above water. I know there are places in the U.S. in a serious drought situation. I wish we could share some of our moisture with them.

Meanwhile, my garden looks like an Irish countryside...

Our grass is kelly green and a foot long. We're going to have to bale it if it doesn't stop raining long enough to run a lawn mower over it. I was able to plant my impatiens in the circular area off our patio (bottom of photo below). They are finicky little things though, so I had to cover them with tarps last night, because it got ridiculously close to 32 degrees.

It's not raining this morning. I'm hoping for a dry spell, because we wanted to plant our veggie garden this weekend. The good news is I haven't had to turn on my sprinklers yet! That's huge because usually I've had them going for a good month by now. Anyway, I hope your garden is thriving!