Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thankful Thoughts...

It's been awhile since I wrote a Thankful Thoughts post, but that isn't because I've had nothing to feel grateful about {quite the contrary}, so I have a little catching up to do. I'll start with an experience I had about a month ago...

What moved me this month?

As we drove into the parking lot of Carabas in Newport News I joked to my husband that this was going to be a first for us -- an "internet date". ;o} I'd met Chris a few years before through my blog. That summer we were both planning weddings for our daughters, and we did a little collaborating. In time we found that we had much in common. We both have large families and adore our grandchildren. We both love to sew. Although we are of different religions, we both share a deep and abiding love for and faith in our Savior and the scriptures and have exercised this faith to help see us through difficult times. That's a solid foundation to base a friendship on, but I also appreciated Chris' happy attitude and giving spirit. In any case this was the first time she and I were to meet face to face, so I was a little nervous and shy. We had set up a time and place to meet with our husbands for dinner.

I've looked back on that evening many times in the last month and each time I do, I am moved. My husband and I had a wonderful time getting to know Chris and her husband better. Meetings like that can often be uncomfortable, but there wasn't any awkwardness that night. Chris and I talked like we'd been friends for years, and I've pondered that a bit lately. I've no doubt that Chris has many friends. She's the type of person that people are drawn to, but I feel as if she was put in my path for a reason. The last couple of years have been difficult at times for our family. We've had some very serious health issues and accidents in our family. Although she often didn't know about these circumstances as they were happening, Chris was frequently there with a kind, encouraging word when I needed it most. One time I was particularly low and I reached out to her through an email. She sent me a list of scriptures to read that had helped her. I read every one and by the time I was finished, I was at peace. Friendships based on faith, love and service are lasting. I am continually moved by God's hand in my life. He often uses others to minister to me, and I'm grateful. I'm also moved by the example of others, like Chris, who listen to promptings they receive and act to help minister to those within their circle. To me, that's the sign of a true disciple.

What surprised me this week?

Last Saturday we planted the rest of our garden. I know, I know -- we are really late in the planting cycle. We had been so busy the weeks before that we didn't get half of the veggies planted on time, but we went ahead anyway hoping for the best. The only items we planted from seeds were lettuce and herbs. This week, two days earlier than expected, we noticed our lettuce sprouting! Even though I realize the natural order of things states that plants grow from seeds, I'm always surprised when something I've planted actually sprouts! It's such a feeling of accomplishment.