Monday, April 30, 2012

May's Plaque Attack -- A Tribute to Grandmothers!

Mother's Day is fast approaching, and I think it's appropriate that May's Plaque Attack pay homage to the exceptional grandmothers in our lives. There are many special women in my life that are fabulous examples of grandmotherhood to me -- my mother and mother-in-law, my sister and sisters-in-law, and many of my friends. This plaque could be given to any one of them!

There are some beautiful greeting cards available for Mother's Day with very sweet sentiments, but these plaques actually cost less than a greeting card and give the recipient something a little more substantial and heartfelt!

Collect the following materials to make a plaque of your own:
  • 6 1/2" square wooden plaque {available online or at craft stores like Hobby Lobby}
  • 1 piece of scrapbook paper 
  • acrylic craft paint or spray paint in a color to compliment your scrapbook paper 
  • clear matte spray sealer
  • Mod Podge {matte finish is best}
  • paint brush
For a tutorial on how to make these plaques, go here!

If you are interested in receiving the document for these Plaque Attacks, simply email me with "Plaque Attack -  May 2012" in the subject line of the email. My email address is listed on the sidebar of my blog.

By requesting this copyrighted document you agree not to sell the document or sell any items that use this document. It is for personal use only. You may make as many copies for yourself or to use as gifts as you would like. If you post about your plaque on your blog, please link back to this blog post for your readers to receive the document. Thank you! 

Remember: To receive the document with these plaques simply put "May 2012 Plaque Attack" in the subject line of your email and please remember to leave a comment below!