Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday

One of my favorite and most reliable springtime plants is the "Bleeding Heart". Every year my Bleeding Heart grows a little larger and heartier. She's tucked away in a rock garden by my front door...

Bleeding Hearts (Lamprocapnos spectabilis) are perennials that usually bloom from late spring through early summer. Because our weather is so much warmer this spring, this one is strutting her stuff a little early this year.

This popular plant is perfect for flower gardens. In a moist, cool climate it will grow in full sun, but here in Colorado where the climate is drier it requires some shade. Mine has thrived in a spot that has shade most of the day.

Another favorite spring blossom is the Forget-Me-Not shown in the foreground in the photo below. In Colorado this plant is a perennial, but in more moderate climates it's considered an annual. It's seeds scatter in the fall and volunteers shoot up in the spring, sprinkling our garden with their happy faces.

Did you know that according to German legend, as God was naming all the plants a tiny unnamed one cried out, "Forget-me-not, O Lord." God then replied, "That shall be your name." ;o)

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